Beginners Oils - Next Steps

20th June 2022

Course Suits: Those who have taken the beginner oils class and want to move to the next stage. Or those who would like to learn some technique they may feel they lack.

Objectives: Following on from your beginner class where you looked at materials handling, grounds and basic studio craft, this day will enable the student to experience other additives and application techniques to broaden their appreciation of oil painting.

We will spend the day looking at how to oil out, glaze and layer paints to create sfumato images.

We can then consider the impact of ‘fat over lean’ in our work.

A Basic introduction to tempera underpainting, such as verdaccio and grisaille will be covered, techniques that will contrast with the direct painting methods used in session one.

Whilst paints and brushes will be available you are advised to bring you own materials as this helps with continuity in materials handling and management.

Please can you also bring several oil (acrylic will do at a pinch) paintings that you can paint over on the day.

Note: As glazes are applied with high oil content, and usually are placed over existing oil paint there are likely to be long drying times involved. This means that we will not be able to undertake many layers on one picture, and that pictures will be wet at the end of the session. Please bring a box or some newspaper to carry your work away in/with.

Tutor: Paul Vousden

All courses include refreshments and lunch with wine. 



Course Fee: £90

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