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Capturing Impressionism

21st April 2022

Course suits: Those who already paint and would like to produce a painting in the style of the Impressionists.

Objectives: To gain confidence in your painting skills by reproducing a familiar painting. Learn from the techniques of Master Painters. (see our section on why we use photographs to teach). 
Level: All Levels.
Materials needed: See materials list below. A canvas of 40 cm X 60 cm is recommended
Course description:
Often thought of as the invention of Artists such as Monet, Renoir and Cezanne, the roots of Impressionism can be traced back to Constable, who first explored the practice of painting outside - en plein air - in an attempt to capture the true effects of light and atmosphere. This need to record quickly and spontaneously, gave birth to a new movement in painting – Impressionism.

  • ​In this class we explore the challenges that faced the Impressionists and using a photographic reference will examine the techniques that the Impressionist painter developed and discover the methods used to overcome the changing light and atmospheric conditions, to produce a coherent and convincing painting.

  • This class is suitable for both oil and acrylic painters, so whatever your chosen medium you will get an insight into how to approach looking in a different way, recording with confidence and producing your own impression of a piece of classic Suffolk countryside. 

Tutor: Rob Nelmes 

All refreshments and lunch with wine included. 
See our text on why we sometimes paint from photographs

Materials list

Course Fee: £90
The link below takes you to a secure payment site with PayPal

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