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Drawing Animals in Motion

17th September 2022

Course suits: all levels.

Objectives: This day long course explores ways of capturing the dynamic movement of animals. From antelopes to zebras, humans have tried to capture the elusive moment of the gallop, the jump, each twist and turn. 

We’ll explore some basics of anatomy before trying various techniques that help the observational process and speed up mark making, essential for capturing the movement of animals. 

Whilst photo reference will be used, this urgency helps convey a convincing immediacy in the drawing. 

There will be a variety of mediums at your disposal, charcoal, pastel, acrylic and watercolour. 

This is an ideal opportunity for you to develop or even discover, your personal artist language through lively and spontaneous expression. 

Tutor: Rob Nelmes​

All courses include refreshments and lunch with wine

Drawing Animals in Motion: Service


Course Fee: £90

The link to the right takes you to a secure payment site with PayPal

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