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Painting Portraits of Children

This course will run again in 2022

Painting portraits of children is always challenging. The proportions of the face change as they grow. Getting this right is paramount to achieving a good likeness in the right age range. 

Painting portraits from photographs is very different from painting from life. It can be very easy to get caught up with the fine details and lose the life in the portrait.

Course suits: Those with experience of oil or acrylic paints with an interest in learning or improving on technique.

Objectives: To gain the skill and perspective to produce a child's portrait with confidence in a new and individual way.

Level: Some experience with paints - advanced beginner onwards.
Materials needed: See materials list below.
Course description:

  • During this workshop we will explore the different proportions in a child’s face and tackle the problems faced with making a 2 dimensional photograph into a 3 dimensional portrait.

  • We will look at some master painters of children examining their use of composition and techniques.

  • We will endeavour to fire up the students creativity and develop their individual style, to produce a lively study. Thus arming them with the tools to make exciting portraits going forward.

This course uses photographic references. We can provide an image or you can bring your own. 

Tutor: Lisa Puhlhofer 

See our text on why we sometimes paint from photographs

Course Fee: £90

The link below takes you to a secure payment site with PayPal

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