Palette Knife Acrylics

This course has now taken place. Another will be rescheduled for 2023

Course Description

Course suits: Those looking to expand their Acrylic painting or those at the beginning of their technical process looking

for something different.

Objectives: The day will look at the use of palette knives and other tools in creating impasto work in Acrylics.

We will cover several sizes and styles of knives, how to layer paint, sgraffito effects, using the knife for ‘wiping back’, and scumble over texture gels, collage and other modelling agents. 

Knives will be used to blend on the canvas, as well as used to ‘cut’ paint on the palette to create thin straight lines.

Knives are also good for creating ‘splat’, and the several ways of applying this will be looked at.

As well as conventional knives we will experience using a selection of pronged and grooved knives, and look at ways to make our own applicators.

These experiences will be undertaken through a series of painting exercises during the day.

Tutor: Paul Vousden

All courses include refreshments and lunch with wine

Materials required:

Your acrylic paints

Any knives you may have

Canvas, board or acrylic paper. (At least 3)

Large brushes

Old ‘plastic’ cards (loyalty cards are good)

Wear a robust apron or old clothes


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Course Fee: £90

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