Recreating Stubbs' Whistlejacket

19th February 2022

Course suits: Those with some experience of oil or acrylic paints with an interest in learning how to achieve a convincing facsimile of this iconic painting.  

Objectives: Through examination of Stubbs' passion for anatomy, you will create your own version of this iconic image whilst staying truthful to the originals classic portrayal of power and majesty. 
Level: Some experience with paints - advanced beginner onwards.
Materials needed: See materials list below.
Course description:

  • This course includes a canvas with the initial outline drawing with anatomy represented, to provide a sound foundation on which to build up your painting as accurately as possible from here you will -

  • Explore Stubbs deep understanding of anatomy and his handling of paint from broad strokes to fine detail all rendered with with an acute attention to realism. 

  • To develop a feel for recreating the fine detail in a grand painting.

  • Whilst staying true to the original and it’s underlying principals you will be encouraged to develop your own interpretation through your unique artistic language. 

​ Tutor: Rob Nelmes Instagram @robnelmesart. 
All refreshments included and lunch with wine included. 



Course Fee: £90

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